Terms & Conditions - B Ed Admission

  • B Ed Admission is a free lance educational consultant and is not a part of any University or College.
  • All admissions confirmations are subject to the final decision from the University.
  • The candidate who is applying for the admission is himself/herself responsible for the authentication of the documents provided.
  • If any document found fraud or any misinformation is given by the candidate then it will lead to the cancellation of the admission by the University. In such case any fees paid would not be refunded and a legal action will be taken.
  • All the fees has to be paid in-front, if the fee option is in installments then the candidate has to give the post dated cheque (PDC) as agreed at the time of admission.
  • B Ed Admission is a unit of "Joy Web Solution" and all the payments made would be in favour of "Joy Web Solution".
  • B Ed Admission also promise and guarantee, if we are unable to get your admission done, B Ed Admission will refund 100% of the registration fee paid. But also, if we have processed your application for the 2nd or 3rd Counselling, the University/Counselling charges would be deducted from the amount paid.
  • If the candidate will not submit his/her Original Migration Certificate till 30 October of the year s/he enrolled, then the fine imposed by the University will be paid by the candidate self, which is ₹100 per day.
  • Students should keep sufficient number of Photostat copies of their Original Certificates with them before submitted the original.
  • The fee once paid is not refundable in any case, regardless of whether student joins or not after admission or discontinues during the term.
  • Please make sure to get your invoice for the fee you have paid to B Ed Admission.
  • All the invoices have a due date and if the fee is not paid by the due date - a late fee fine of ₹100 per day will be applied.
  • If the candidate don't even make the payment after 40 days of the invoice due date, a non-payment charges of ₹1000 will be added to the due amount. And if the candidate is still not making the payment, B Ed Admission has the right to process his/her admission for cancellation due to the non-payment of the fee.
  • Legal proceedings (if any) would be dealt at “Rohini District Court Delhi” only.